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Jiewei Jiang       (Aug 2014)

Dissertation title: Multiple Neural Artifacts Suppression Using Gaussian Mixture Modeling and Probability Hypothesis Density Filtering

Anna Malin       (Nov 2013)

Dissertation title: Adaptive Learning with Unsupervised Clustering of Immune Responses Using Microarray Random Sequence Peptides

Lifeng Miao       (May 2013)

Dissertation title: Effcient Bayesian Tracking of Neural Activity: Algorithm and Real-Time FPGA Implementation

Shwetha Edla       (December 2012)

Dissertation title: Adaptive Parameter Estimation, Modeling and Patient-Specifc Classifcation of Electrocardiogram Signals

Peter C. Weber       (December 2012)

Thesis title: Adaptive Filter Bank Time-Frequency Representations

Hiroko Austin       (December 2012)

Thesis title: Isometric and Dynamic Contraction Muscle Fatigue Assessment Using Time-frequency Methods

Shubo Liu       (May 2012)

Thesis title: Integrated Waveform-Agile Multi-Modal Track-before-Detect Algorithms for Tracking Low Observable Targets

Stefanos Michael       (May 2012)

Thesis title: Scheduling Neural Sensors to Estimate Brain Activity

Ryan Piwowarski       (Dec 2011)

Thesis title: Dynamic Waveform Design for Track-Before-Detect Algorithms in Radar

Lakshminarayan Ravichandran       (Aug 2011)

Dissertation title: Waveform Mapping and Time-Frequency Processing of Biological Sequences and Structures

Jun Jason Zhang       (Jan 2008-Aug 2011)

Topic: Waveform Agile Multi-modal Sensing

Bhavana Chakraborty       (Aug 2011)

Dissertation title: Advancements in Waveform Design for Multiple-input and Multiple-Output and Urban Multipath Exploitation Radar

Debejyo Chakraborty       (Aug 2011)

Dissertation title: Time-Frequency Based Adaptive Learning for Structural Health Management

Judith A. Northrop       (May 2011)

Thesis title: Fractional Focusing and the Chirp Scaling Algorithm With Real Synthetic Aperture Radar Data

Narayan Kovvali       (May 2006–May 2010)

Topic:Signal Processing for Structural Health Processing

Bhavana Chakraborty       (Aug 2010)

Topic:Waveform-Agile Sensing for Urban Tracking

Wenfan Zhou       (Aug 2010)

Dissertation title: Sequential Processing with Sensor Scheduling in Structural Health Management

Anthony George Gonzales       (May 2010)

Thesis title: Communication Signal Identification in SAR Using Time-Frequency Techniques

Donna Marie Simon       (May 2010)

Thesis title: Sequential Bayesian Estimation of Dispersive Instantaneous Frequency

Li Ying       (May 2010)

Dissertation title: Waveform Design and Processing for Agile Sensing

Tom Trueblood       (Aug 2009)

Thesis title: Multipath Exploitation Radar for Tracking in Urban Terrain

Chang Xu       (May 2009)

Thesis title: A Comparative Study of Time-Frequency Classification Techniques for Use in Structural Health Monitoring

Ioannis Kyriakides       (Aug 2008)

Dissertation title: On the Use of Monte Carlo Techniques for Integrated Sensing and Processing

Lakshminarayan Ravichandran       (May 2008)

Thesis title: Time-Frequency based Pattern Classifiers for DNA and Protein Data using Waveform Mapping Techniques

Sandeep Sira       (Jan-May 2007)

Topic:Waveform-Agile Sensing for Detection and Tracking in Sea Clutter

Hao Shen       (Jul-Nov 2005)

Topic:Waveform-Agile Sensing for Urban Tracking

Ye Jiang       (Dec 2005)

Dissertation title: Discrete Characterizations of Wideband and Dispersive Time-varying Systems

Robin L. Murray       (May 2000)

Dissertation title: Higher Order Time-Frequency Representations For Dispersive Signal Analysis

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